Punit’s Bio

My name is Punit Java, and I am a Program Manager on the Windows Embedded team and my primary focus in the area of Boot EEFs.  The Boot EEFs (or Embedded Enabling Features) area involves research around using alternate media such as flash for storing and booting the Windows OS.  In addition to the Boot EEFs, I also work on various other areas of the product and am always looking to improve our usability and customer satisfaction.


I graduated from the University of Waterloo (yes, I’m Canadian) in 2005 after which I started with Microsoft in the Windows Automotive group where I worked on projects such as Ford Sync and Fiat’s Blue & Me. I joined the Windows Embedded team at the beginning of ’08, and am really excited about the next wave products that we’re planning to come out with.


When not at work I try to enjoy the outdoors up here in the Pacific Northwest.  Since I moved here 3 years ago I’ve picked up hiking, snowboarding, rock climbing, and am always willing to try new things.


- Punit

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