August 2008 Optional Updates Are Available

The August 2008 Windows XP Embedded Optional Updates are now available on the ECE for Microsoft® Windows® XP Embedded with Service Pack 2, Feature Pack 2007 and/or Update Rollup 1.0.

Note: Optional updates are separate from the Security updates and should only be installed after the Security updates for August 2008 have been installed to realize full functionality.

The following updates are included in this release – please see the ECE for more details:

· KB955210 File-Based Write Filter- An access violation occurs during FBA.EXE due to fbwflib.dll being unloaded. We have removed the initialization and un-initialization of the worker thread.  The thread now only gets initialized if the notification API is used.  For FBA and configuring FBWF, the thread won’t run now.

· KB955222 RegFilter’s DriverEntry is holding a handle on the RamDisk file; this breaks AutoChk. Regfilter does not synchronize and start monitoring keys, until its user mode application calls the IOCTL via the session managers Setup Execute Key.  The fix was to have the IOCTL initialize the RamDisk rather than DriverEntry.

· KB955999 Apps.inf is present in the repository but is not owned as a file resource by any component. Without this file it is not possible to create desktop shortcuts to DOS applications. The fix is to add this file as  a resource to the DOS Windows on Windows component.

The August 2008 Windows XP Embedded Optional Updates are available at the following link on the ECE:

If you have questions on accessing the ECE, please email MS Mobile & Embedded Communications Feedback & Support,


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