SCCM 2007 Prereq Macro is Fully Tested with CTP!

The previously released System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) Client Prereq Macro has been tested and is compatible with the Windows Embedded Standard CTP.  This macro has been tested for SCCM 2007 RTM, SP1 and R2.   Along with the traditional SCCM roles that have been supported on Windows Embedded, SCCM OS Deployment is now supported as well!  To test SCCM OSD, add the Sysprep component to your Embedded Image and use a SCCM 2007 version that supports OSD (SP1/R2).   Along with Sysprep, here is a list of other components you may want to add into your image to work with SCCM:

  1. Windows Scripting Engines – Used to run scripts on the client machine.
  2. Domain Participation – Used if you would like your Embedded Devices to join a domain.
  3. Sysprep – Used to support the SCCM OS Deployment Scenarios
  4. Firewall Control panel – GUI Option to Configure the Firewall.
  5. User Control Panel – GUI Option to Configure User Accounts.
  6. IPConfig (TCPIP Tools) – TCPIP Tools to configure your network connection.
  7. NET.exe – Command Line Tool to Start/Stop Services
  8. Regedit – GUI Registry Editor
  9. Reg – Command Line Registry Editor
  10. Netdom – Command Line Utility to manage a computer on the domain..
  11. NBTStat – Command Line Utility for NetBIOS Name Resolution.
  12. Tracert – Command Line Utility to do Trace Routes.
  13. Ping – Command Line Utility to do Pings.

If you are already registered on the Windows Embedded Standard CTP Connect page you can directly get the macro here:

Good luck and enjoy your trial of the CTP release!

- Parag

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