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Although there seems to be swarms of information for the XP Embedded product and features, actually finding the information you want can be difficult. This post will point to some of the resources and information available on Enhanced Write Filter (EWF), and hopefully make finding the relevant information a little quicker.

  1. For an overview of EWF start here.
  2. For info on basic usage see the following links:

EWF Modes -this covers choosing and configuring RAM, RAM REG and Disk overlays

EWF Design Considerations - this discusses how to use EWF with other features such as Cloning and DUA, how to manage your EWF image and ways to improve performance.

EWF API - an overview of the EWF API structures and functions, along with some code samples.

Scroll down to the page in the link to find a video tutorial for EWF called "Windows XP Embedded with Service Pack 2 Technical Training: Embedded Enabling Features"

  1. Below is a list of common "How-To's" and white papers that are relative to EWF:

How to create an image for compact flash

How to use cloning to create an image for mass deployment

Dismounting Volumes in a Hibernate Once/Resume Many Configuration

Using Compact Flash with EWF

Configuring a Windows XP Embedded Thin Client

Dual-Booting Tips for Windows XP Embedded

Supporting Windows XP Embedded-based Devices

Updating Devices in the Field by Using Enhanced Write Filter and Device Update Agent

  1. Information on troubleshooting the most common issues can be found here.

  1. You can install updates from here

  1. For quick answers to questions, or to search for a solution to a problem, the newsgroup is a fantastic resource- more than someone else has seen the same issue before and a solution has been posted in the newsgroup. The newsgroup can be accessed -
    using the browser here or using a newsgroup reader by going here.

- Lynda

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  1. Anon says:


    Are there any books on EWF?

  2. There are no books specific to EWF but there are XPe books that provide a lot of details of the embedded enabling features like EWF.

    Like this one:



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