Kaspersky Anti Virus sample component for XPe

Before Computer Associates released their componentized version of eTrust for XPe, I had completed a proof of concept AV component. My intention was show our customers that it is possible to deploy AV software to Windows Embedded devices and have the same assurance of protection as Windows PCs and Servers. Since CA stepped up and released their component, I had kept mine for internal testing only, until now.

But before I started work on the component, I looked around at what was available that would be relatively easy to componentize, it would also have to be a trial version that I could experiment with and should have a small footprint even if it didn't have too many bells and whistles. I had a hankering to work on F-PROT because it brought back some fond memories of the first time I played with fprot on my awesome Tandy 386 laptop, i think it had a 25Mhz proc. Check it out, according to the f-prot site it seems they still have a DOS version!

Kaspersky met the requirements I had to componentize an AV suite and since I had never seen it before I went with them. You can download the resulting Kaspersky Anti Virus Trial version component package here, however the repository folder contains just a text file instead of the KAV file resources. The text file list all file resources you'll need. What you'll need to do is purchase or download and install the trial Kaspersky's AV software to your PC, then capture those resulting files and add them to the repository. Note that this version of their software is v4.5 from early last year, you may need to make some minor (or major) modifications if you can't find the previous versions and the newer versions are too different.

I did some basic testing at the time with this component on relatively small runtime configurations, it scanned the test machine for virus', realtime scanning was working and it could download updated virus definition files, i generally had no complications.

- Andy

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  1. Over the Spring of ’05, I posted a series of blog posts on the end to end process to componentize 3rd…

  2. mozamil says:

    i want any active anti virus preferable kaspersky

  3. 注:本文由 邹少颖 译自2005年 Andy Allred 所写的关于组件化的博客系列的 引子 ,及 之一 。 在05年春季,我在博客上发布了一系列的文章,描述如何把第三方应用程序或驱动程序组件化。我之所以发表这些文章,是因为我看到了很多人抱怨这个过程太难,不直观。特别是对一些不明白什么是“应用程序接口”,或者不知道什么是MSDN的人来说。

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