June Security Updates for Embedded

The following security updates for XP Embedded have been released and can be downloaded from here or from the OEM site:

For SP1 and SP2:

The following updates are rolled into the 6-05.sld & 6-05-sp2.sld-


HTML Rendering Engine
Primitive: Browseui
Primitive: Shdocvw
Urlmon Library
Wininet Library
Primitive: Shlwapi
Primitive: Cdfview
Internet Explorer
*Internet Explorer (Add-On Crash Detection) – SP2 only

893066 TCP/IP Networking

896422 File Sharing

896358 HTML Help Engine


For SP1 only:

The following updates are rolled into the 6-05.sld-

897715 Outlook Express

887998 .NET Framework 1.0

896426 Webdav Client Redirector


For SP2 only:

The following updates are rolled into the 6-05-sp2.sld -

887998 .NET Framework 1.1


.NET Framework 1.1 for SP1 was released as update Q813558. Customers wishing to install the latest SP1 security update for this component, 887998, can install it from here . You must have Q813558 already installed on an SP1 system before you can install the security update.

- Lynda

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