MEDC Day 3

Man, I'm tired. But I'm satisfied we're making our customers happier. I've got lots of pics to post later from some of the hand's on sessions, the 'Ask the Experts' cabana, the Exibition Hall and 'action' shots in between. I've had tons of time to network with some of our MVPs and show them the love, but the best part is meeting the Developers and VPs and System Builders and Marketing Managers of Mom and Pop shops to the multi billion dollar corps.

I love hearing their pain points and taking notes and offering suggestions or solutions on the spot, I love hearing their praise for XPe and I love hearing where we can do better. I really really love hearing *their* customer scenarios. That provides us an insight we're several levels removed from, it also tells me exactly where we need to focus more time and energy TESTING to ensure we're meeting not only our customers scenarios but THEIR customer's scenarios.

Photos to come later.

- Andy

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