Common questions of XPe during MEDC

I haven't compared notes with Lynda, Nandini and Joe or any of the PMs yet that came to MEDC with us, i'll do that later. But this is a short list of the most frequently asked questions of me by our customers during 1:1 interaction at MEDC this week -

- I want to do <insert some operation here> with HORM (hibernate once resume many). How?

- I have a licensing question/complaint/suggestion.

- I have a problem/issue/suggestion with the Cloning process.

- You guys need to fix your deployment story.

- My company has grand plans with this really cool device, I need some advice on how to get started.

It's all good information and gives us something tangible to work with.

- Andy

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  1. D. Philippe says:

    Are there any plans to implement HORM for CE?

    And why does it seem like "Windows Embedded" means "XPe" and "Windows Mobile," but no one talks about CE? Is plain ol’ embedded without somehow being demoed on a kiosk or cell phone that boring?

  2. Funny, i think of XPe and CE as Embedded but not Windows Mobile since they appear to be branding themselves seperately from ’embedded’. At least that’s my interpretation, i may be wrong.

    Though i consider CE ’embedded’ as well, the ocntent of our posts are geared around XPe since my team is not exposed to the CE world, we operate under different divisions at Microsoft as a result of amny re-orgs over the past 5 years, so it’s difficult to keep close track of their feature development.

    – Andy

  3. The Mobile and Embedded Developers Conference is going to be held this year at the Venetian Hotel in…

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