Mike Hall’s presentation during the keynote address

Mike Hall kicked butt.

He was the second presenter after BillG to demonstrate technologies from MED.

He demo’d Component Designer to create a component to act as a custom shell in a Kiosk device. Then he moved on to Target Designer to assemble a custom runtime for that Kiosk using his custom components . The purpose of this kiosk scenario is to allow a customer to interact with a Kiosk running XPe in order to purchase a custom theme for their Windows Mobile device. Once purchased, the theme is immediately streamed to your handheld.

The demo of the end to end process showing the developer’s experience to design and build XPe components and a configuration, then the user experience with that XPe kiosk and Windows Mobile handheld interacting with that kiosk was flawless. But wait, there’s more <grin>, Mike had integrated the new SP2 feature “Hibernate Once, Resume Many” into the kiosk to demonstrate that if the device suddenly loses power, it can rapidly recover and boot in just a couple of seconds with the original pristine image.

So overall the demo was to show how you can rapidly build a custom solution using the rich features available in the box for Windows Mobile, Windows XP Embedded.

- Andy

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  1. D. Philippe says:

    Yeah, Mike’s presentation was great. He really seemed like the most natural speaker up there. Everyone else looked like they just stepped out of a public speaking refresher class. (Always smile! Use your hands! Sound excited!)

    Something really funny was the way Seth Dempsey ended his demo (about 58:39 in the video). Did he lose his place and have to look at his script to see that he was supposed to end with "Thank you"?!

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