New Arcom SBC

Found this press release/article on Arcom’s latest offering of Single Board Computers at WindowsForDevices.

The latest boards run from 600MHz Celerons to 2.1GHz Pentium M with the i855 chipset. You can get it with firewire, giganet, CF capable of course, USB 2.0, fanless, etc…

While I don’t have one of these
Arcom boards in the lab yet, I do have one of their devkits, check out the close up view! The little flat panel touch screen grabs everyone’s attention when they see it in the lab, can’t help but play with it and start dreaming up cool scenarios (Car Navigation for instance <grin>). The devkit includes componentized drivers and an EVAL version of the XP Embedded Studio as well.

Before I got my hands on this one, the best devkit I had seen before that was Transmeta’s Crusoe kit. Sadly, given their
recent decisions to reinvent the company I don’t think we’ll be seeing new kits from them.

got me this for my early birthday present to take to the Embedded Devcon in just over a week. I’ll use it to take a pic of what we did with the Arcom devkit in the lab. You'll either love it or hate it.

Speaking of DevCon, it's not too late to sign-up folks, BillG will be the keynote speaker! Lots of CE, Mobile, XPe presentations and Hand's on Labs. Let me take your picture in Vegas and we'll post it here! <grin>

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