Bad news for low power devices

Transmeta is making drastic changes in their organization, here’s the scoop from CNET. I knew they were looking for an exit from the CPU market but now it’s more official. Their Efficeon proc was exciting when i got my hands on the first one last Fall, so this is a real bummer.

Hopefully we'll see more interesting devices coming from the companies licensing the IP from Transmeta now.

I’m interested to hear what low power procs you’re planning your device around, if at all: Pentium-M, Via C3, Geode…?

- Andy Allred

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  1. William Sullivan says:

    We had some units that were running the Transmeta Cruesoe processor at about 500mhz. Those little boards rocked (though the machine they came in sucked). I’m surprised they couldn’t make a go at the low power market. Via seems to be standing tall among the giants… Right now, I’m developing an XPE image for use on a machine that’s running off the Emcore v611 board. It’s pretty cheap, and it has some pep in its step. The only complaint I’ve had about it so far is that Arbor’s XPE support is lacking. The driver inf files for the Realtek fast ethernet on the board didn’t import cleanly into CD. Had to manually add some files to get it to work. Now if I can just get that damn cheap Eely touchscreen to work!

  2. Andy Allred says:

    Are you referring to the ELO touch system? I think there’s some ELO touch components for serial and usb posted by your peers at

    ELO also has supplied componentized versions of their drivers on their web site.

  3. William Sullivan says:

    Nope, not ELO. Eely. Check out Pretty sad, no? Zip help for developers there. Somebody needs to give them the Balmer smackdown…

  4. Andy Allred says:

    First I’ve heard of them, hmmm. If you’re having a driver component or dependency issue with the system, please describe the technical details and send me your zipped driver package (smaller than 3MB), i’ll look at it this weekend in case i see anything obvious i can help with: wecrt AT Put my name in the subject.

    If it’s not a component or dependency related problem then post to the public newsgroup, maybe someone else has worked on this system (microsoft.public.windowsxp.embedded).

    Good luck.

  5. William Sullivan says:

    Thanks for the offer of help, but I’m still working on it. I might still take you up on it, but I want to make sure I haven’t made a simple error. I did post about it in the newsgroup, and got a little troubleshooting advice, but I haven’t turned up anything in my logs. It appears to install properly, and shows up in device manager, but no touchie touchie. If the component appears to be corect vis a vis the inf file, my next (and last) idea is to check and see if the touchscreen requires something running as a service or an executable to work.

  6. Found this press release/article on Arcom’s latest offering of Single Board Computers at WindowsForDevices….

  7. Found this press release/article on Arcom’s latest offering of Single Board Computers at WindowsForDevices.The…

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