Wanna help make the next version better?

The product team is always concerned with ensuring the scenarios we target mimic “real world” conditions. You can help with this by telling us what components your devices are shipping with.

If you’d like to help make future versions of Windows Embedded more closely meet your expectations, you can do so by e-mailing us a few details about your device(s):

  1. What Windows and Driver components does your device ship with? (Please send me your TD build log).
  2. What is the device category for the list above (i.e., Medical, RPOS, ATM, etc…)?
  3. What Microsoft or third party features do you install post FBA?

For the list of Windows and Driver components, you can just send me the TD build log, that will be most valuable. The default location for the build log is the “My Documents” folder for the user building the product.

You can e-mail the data to wecrt at Microsoft.com. This information will be used by the product team to target binary and component factoring and/or dependency work for Windows features and also help our team make their testing more realistic.

Thank you!

-Andy Allred


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