Embedded Market Survey for 2005

Windows for Devices has its annual survey in progress for 2005, please take a moment to fill it out, it's just 11 questions. 

Check out the results of the 2004 XPe survey where you had the chance to tell us what's right and wrong with the platform. I'd like to see something like this done during the Embedded DevCon in May. We'll talk more about the DevCon later, but in case you've been heads down the last couple months, check this out. I hope we can meet up there, if for no other reason than to see how out of hand my beard has gotten the last year <grin> (i'd add a link to the beard pic but it'd probably just gross people out)

-Andy Allred

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  1. Nagu says:

    sorry for a bit of topic. I would like to is there any possiblility of having a DEVCON in india in near future. Atleast at a smaller scale??

  2. Andy Allred says:

    Hey Nagu, this is a valid request. There’s been increasing interest in Windows Embedded throughout India over the last few years.

    We’ve held some training seminars there for OEMs & ISVs. I doubt there’s enough interest to have a DevCon, but there is an ASIA DevCon each year, which may be your closest. I’ll look into the activities we have planned for this year in India and let you know.


  3. Nagu says:

    will be very much thankfull to you if you could update me on the happenings in India

  4. Andy says:

    I haven’t forgotten about you. <grin>

    The information is known by my Marketing counterparts and i’m working on getting the information for you since it wasn’t easily accessible to me. Thanks for your patience while i track this down.

  5. Andy says:



    That link above has the hard dates into the summer for worldwide events. Check back there for updated locations every few months, India may still wind up there, i’ll respond to your blog site if I get any more information on India in the second half of the year.


  6. Nagu says:

    thanx andy, i guess i ll be having an eye on the page every now and then

    regards and thanx


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