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Woohoo, look at us! We've got our own Windows Embedded Bookstore on MSN.

I used to say that there were 2 books you needed to have in your arsenal for XP Embedded development, now there are 3.

To recap, if you're new to this environment, do yourself a favor and start with "Windows XP Embedded Step by Step" by James Beau Cseri, it's 242 pages, contains some pretty good introductory tutorials.

After that one, you'll need to move on to Sean Liming's first XPe book "Windows XP Embedded Advanced", this one is 700+ pages. It's just excellent, you’ll keep it on your desk throughout your Embedded development cycle, a very good reference book.

Well, now there's a third book called "Windows XP Embedded Supplemental Toolkit". This one is also by Sean but dedicated to the XPe-SP2 enhancements and features as well as more advanced tutorials for commonly requested scenarios such as "Virtual PC 2004 with XPe".

The book comes with a CD that, among other things, contains tools developed by Sean. Some of these I’ve been waiting years for, they address some of the holes in the end to end development process like the new "Component Helper", "Component Tracker" and SLX configuration tools like "SLXtoTXT" and "SLXDiff".

- Andy

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  1. Hi, I was interested to see you spent some time on a couple of boats in a past life. I was a power school instructor in a previous life.

    Anyway, I am curious about the apparent absense of books about CE 5.0 I just started fighting with it as I have just changed jobs. Lots of challenges and I have been a bit frustrated finding resources. I have "Building Powerful Platforms with Windows CE" by Wilson and Havewala I have subscribed to the PB newsgroup though my most recent post has gone unanswered. I am modifying/creating a bsp for an ARM based consumer device (GPS, engine performance controller, wireless video). Other RTOS and tool vendors I have worked with in the past have had Field Support Engineers that could answer questions, even come and spend an afternoon addressing issues. Does MS do anything like that? Should the reseller (Arrow) have that kind of expertise? Enough rambling, any reponse would be welcome.



  2. I just noticed the (Not CE!) in the Weblog title. Interesting blogs.msdn.com/embedded does not include CE. Is CE the red-headed step child? Sorry for posting content that does not apply. Is there a home for CE folks?


  3. Andy Allred says:

    Hi Gerrit! I was a coner, not a nuke <grin>

    Actually, it’s XPe that’s the red headed stepchild compared to CE.

    Check out Mike Hall’s blog on CE & XPe, I’m linking to it from our blog. He’s more of a CE guy anyway. Tons of good info at Mike’s site. BTW, i know there’s *many* books on CE, probably dozens of them but just 3 books exist on XPe.

  4. Below is a list of the most commonly provided links to resources on the net to help yourself with XP

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