Hello World

Hello world. Since i'd lose karma for doing a "First Post" on Slashdot, let me take this opportunity to do it on our Windows Embedded Team's blog.

First Post!

Yeah, not original. <grin> But now that it's out of my system, let me first apologize for not starting this blog earlier. I'm the Test Manager for the Windows XP Embedded and LH Embedded team, we've historically been very active in the newsgroups or third party forums for the last 3+ years but the workload during Longhorn the last 6 months (and personnel turnover) have prevented our participation level from being where we've wanted it to be.

This blog is an effort to get our team more engaged with our customers, partners and MVPs. Basically i'm hoping to provide you with another forum to interact with the product team and let us explain how and why certain decisions were made in the past. We'll also discuss some undocumented functionality in the Embedded tools, link to cool new embedded devices and technologies, answer hot button issues from the newsgroup, etc...

 -Andy Allred

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