Back home again in the Mobile Embedded Division

The XPe team has moved back to the Mobile Embedded Division (MED) last week. I’m really excited and this is the perfect end to a year that has had many ups and downs. Let me provide some backstory- Years ago, when the Embedded team first shipped XPe, the Windows Core OS Division recognized the value…



While preparing your target partition for an Embedded runtime image, you’ll occasionally come across instructions that refer to BOOTPREP. BOOTPREP is a small utility that ships with the Windows XP Embedded Toolkit (you can find it in the Utilities subfolder of the Windows Embedded installation folder), and its purpose is to set up a FAT16…


Using DISKPART to Improve Deployment Efficiency

DISKPART is a small, scriptable command-line utility that ships with Windows XP Professional, which allows you to create, convert and delete disk partitions and software RAID arrays. It mirrors some of the functions available in the Disk Management MMC Snap-In, which you can access from Computer Management under Administrative Tools. This utility can help speed…


MED Convention 2006 – Call For Papers

The organizers for the Mobile and Embedded DevCon 2006 have announced the Call for Papers. Link to the site’s online form is here, below is a portion of the page copied for your convenience. If you’re an eMVP or Windows Embedded Partner, please consider sharing your insight and expertise with rest of the community at this…


Ascender Announces Closed Captioning TV Fonts

Found the story below in today’s Microsoft Windows Embedded InfoBlast newsletter. If you’d like to subscribe to the monthly InfoBlast newsletter, click here to sign up. Ascender Corporation announced the release of its first set of digital TV fonts for closed captioning – here’s the press release. The Ascender TV Font Collection includes fonts that…


Obtaining product support for Windows XP Embedded 

Although the Test team tries to answer questions that people e-mail us it is sometimes more efficient for customers to contact Product Support Services if they need urgent help for something that is blocking them. Product Support Services (PSS) has a dedicated staff whose sole purpose is to research and reproduce issues, and assist customers…


Half Life2 on XPe!!

 This is cool – Taito is shipping an arcade version of the PC game Half Life 2 running on XPe. HL2 is a First Person Shooter, this arcade version will feature three modes- a single-player, a multiplayer mode for networked games with other players in Japan, and a Mission Mode that may be something like…


.NET Framework version 2.0 installer dependencies

The .NET Framework version 2.0 represents a new level of functionality, stability, and interoperability for both the .NET Framework and for Windows XP Embedded customers. Since the XP Embedded team realizes this we’ve taken it upon ourselves to provide solution to those customers who want to reap the benefits of having the .NET Framework 2.0…


Nick’s Bio

*Updated – 8/18/09* My experience with computers started when my Uncle showed me his Amiga god knows how long ago. Ever since then – I’ve always rapidly learned, adapted, and progressed in any computer field I’ve been interested in. I’m known as the ‘Hardware Guru’ for the XP Embedded team here at Microsoft. Hardware was…


M-Systems uDOC update

I found this M-Systems press release via today. M-Systems has expanded its support of the uDOC, for boot and storage solutions, beyond just XPe to now include WinCE, WEPOS and XP Pro environments.   – Andy