Changing port of WSS TFS website.

If you would like to setup sharepoint to use a different site than the default one (port 80) for Team Foundation Server, you can do that as follows:

1- copy msiproperty.ini from the AT or ATDT folder on the installation media (depending which one you are installing) to a local folder,

2- change the property: VSTF_WSSSQL_PORT from 80 to your desired port.  And then

3- start setup.exe under the subfolder of the sku you are installing with the command line: /INIFILE=<path to your custom ini file>.  for instance, if you are installing ATDT and your inifile is in c:\msiproperty.ini and your CD media is on D:\, then you do the following:

d:\atdt\setup.exe /INIFILE=msiproperty.ini



Comments (1)

  1. You can use the following to move your sharepoint location on your existing TFS Sharepoint sites to another

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