Great improvements in WSS configuration for TFS in RC

TFS Setup have done major improvemets in the way it configures WSS.  Also, we now implemented a CA that does a health check on WSS preconditions and report any issues that do not meet the TFS recommendations in clear error messages. 

Sharepoint was TFS number one problem area (featured eaither during setup or in Project Creation)  and I am glad to see that a great number of our customers are benefinting form a much better install experience due to these improvements.

Talking to customers and reading the blogs and forums, I saw great excitements about the major steps setup has taken to minimize the installed problems that might be caused by some WSS configurations that do not meet TFS standards.

I hope you also benefited from the WSS improvement effort, and I'm eager to hear from you your feedback on RC's install experience related to previous releases.



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