How was your experience setting up VSTF?

I would love to hear from you on how was your experience installing Visual Studio Team Foundation (both Applcation Tier and Data Tier).  It is our goal to provide you with the best setup experience.  Any exprience you would like to share?  Anything you would like to let the VSTF Setup team to know.  Any wish list you have?  throw them all onto me 🙂 

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  1. denny says:

    unless you have two or more extra brand new servers don’t even try it….

    at least not yet…..

    the CTP / Alpha’s are just to big and unstable… and some stuff requires a newer cpu… I tried using an old box for sql 05 and it crashed everytime.

  2. Denny, I disagree. I was able to set everything up using three VPC sessions (one for each tier) on my laptop (2.4Ghz with 1GB of Ram). While it runs a little slow, I have not had any problems yet. The December CTP seems very stable, more so than previous ones. Check out my blog for details on how I set everything up.

    As far as the installation and setup experience, the December CTP was a breath of fresh air compared to previous builds. Armed with Rob Caron’s setup notes, I basically just went step by step through the instructions and everything worked. Nothing comes to mind off-hand that was a problem.

  3. denny says:

    Mickey is not reading what I said:

    "I tried using an old box for sql 05 "

    Key here is I don’t have a 2.4Ghz anything….

    so my comments are not that TS can not be installed… just that you have to use fairly new gear thats fast and has lots of ram.

    if you do not then wait for a build thats closer to final.

  4. I had installed all tiers successfully but I can’t use them – when I try to add Team Foundation Server and input the name of Application Tier server – I receive the error that Server is not accessible however ping to it and HTTP requests to the /BISSERVER/registration.asmx resources both are good.

    Please, help me to correct this problem.

    Thank you in advance.

    My e-mail is

  5. Bill Sabey says:

    Thanks for asking.

    Dec CTP was not successful, the previous CTP was.

    2 vpc’s – data, app, main PC is client. I followed the instructions to the T. app tier has Adam error. Posted in microsoft.private.whidbey.teamsystem.teamfoundation.setup but haven’t received reply yet. Another poster reports same error just today.

    Err in ADAM event log:

    The directory server has failed to update the ADAM serviceConnectionPoint object in the Active Directory. This operation will be retried.

    Additional Data

    SCP object DN:


    Error value:

    58 The specified server cannot perform the requested operation.

    Server error:


    Internal ID:


    ADAM service account:


    Changed to domaintfssetup, still errs.

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