How to find true stack size in Windows

Let me start by stating the obvious, if you find yourself needing to get your thread’s stack size as part of your code, more likely than not, you are doing something wrong. Unless it is part of your core logic, getting into OS’s business is often an invitation to trouble.   That’s said, there are…


System Center Endpoint Protection 2012 on Configuration Manager 2007?

I saw some questions circulating around whether System Center Endpoint Protection 2012 is supported System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) 2007. The short answer is no. SCEP 2012 is integrated into Configuration Manager 2012. Only Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010 is supported on Config Manager 2007.


Microsoft Endpoint Protection for Windows Azure Customer Technology Preview is now available for free download

Today we released the customer technology preview of Microsoft Endpoint Protection (MEP) for Windows Azure, a plugin that allows Windows Azure developers and administrators to include antimalware protection in their Windows Azure VMs. The package is installed as an extension on top of Windows Azure SDK. After installing the MEP for Windows Azure CTP, you can…


On Windows Azure Diagnostics

I have run across people asking about the Windows Azure Diagnostics Monitor and how it can be used or implemented. This is one of the best references on how to get jump started on using the diagnostics monitor. Enjoy 🙂


On Russinovich’s "The Case of My Mom’s Broken Microsoft Security Essentials Installation"

I read Mark’s latest blog “The Case of My Mom’s Broken Microsoft Security Essentials Installation”, and it was an interesting (I can’t say it was pleasant though) read. So the long story short is that Mark’s mom bought a new PC, and she used a 3rd party software to migrate her data from her old…


Free online courses at Stanford – UC berkeley

OK, so I ran across some nice free online classes offered at Stanford. This semeser, the university offers the following free courses: Introduction to Databases: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence: Machine Learning: Software Engineering for Software as a Service: , Technology Entrepreneurship: Human-Computer Interaction:  Some classes have open registration, and…


Mark Russinovich on Debugging an Installer Service Failure

A nice case study of an instance where an administrator was debuging a failure in starting windows installer service by using procmon. Check it out at: Marks’s Case of Unexplained series’ webinars can be found at:  


Why Intelligent People Fail

I run through this great read: Why Intelligent People Fail. I personally found it inspiring and useful. A good exercise is to go through the list and grade yourself against each item and see if there are areas of improvements you want to focus on.. Here you go:  


Where to submit sample malware or report false positives for Microsoft Security Essentials

If you encounter a false positive detected by Microsoft antimalware, or want to report an encountered malware sample, please go to: and submit the sample. Sometimes the false positive may involve an incorrect detection related to an action on two files, the MMPC website above allows you to submit multiple files in a single submission…


They’re here! Microsoft Security Essentials and Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010 Betas!

The beta versions of Microsoft security products: Microsoft Security Essentials and Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010 are now available to the public. One key awsome new feature is NIS (Network Inspection System), protecting against network threats on application layer through analyzing signatures along with protocol and application definitions. A lot of other cool features are in…