How to take advantage of office components in sharepoint portal server – installation

Recently, I was assigned a task that there is a excel file need to be displayed in our website. Of course, the website is based on SharePoint Portal Server 2003, and I think it is so amazing a tool among the series of Microsoft software products.

I knew that it is an important feature for SPS to integrated with office components, now below is the add-in's link:

After download it and double click the exe file, I just follow the instructions appeared to install it in my machine.


Now, have a check:

1. Open my website in IE.

2. Click "Edit Page" action item in left pane of the window.

3. Click "Modify Shared View" -> "Add web parts" -> "Browse" in the top-right corner.

4. In "Virtual Server Gallery", there are more web parts than before in the list, "Office Datasheet", "Office PivotChart"...


Immediately, I drag "Office Spreadsheet" to one of my web part zone.

Okay, it is cool, I can use it just like in office excel, but after a while I found that some issues came to me:

1. MS Office 2003 is required when use this component, that means if user have office2003 installed in his/her machine, then everything is ok when access the website, otherwise s/he can't use this component, is this issue critical for me? I need talk with my boss.

2. It seems now everyone accessing the website can change the content of the spreadsheet, it is dangerous. I require only some buddies have the modify privilege and it is only a view for others.

3. Where is my data saved and how to configure it?


I need to find the answers in the following days, and of course I will post continually.

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