work-around on PLS-00103 error

If a stored procedure has a default value parameter defined in Oracle (8i) backend and you want to call this stored procedure using ADO with MSDAORA provider, it may fail and return a error message for some scenarios, for example: Stored Procedure: ########################## CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE SP001( InParam IN NUMBER DEFAULT 25, OutParam OUT NUMBER) AS  BEGIN…


Got an error today: EventType clr20r3, P1…

Today after I compiled my winform program in Windows XP with .NET Framework 2.0, I copied the assembly to another Windows 2003 ENT Server. When I run this program in W2k3 server, nothing responded, and following message is created in Application Events. EventType clr20r3, P1 steprecorder.exe, P2 1.0.302.0, P3 440bee00, P4 steprecorder, P5 1.0.302.0, P6 440bee00,…


Sort the objects in ArrayList

It should be a frequent scenario to sort the order of objects in a collection, such as ArrayList. ArrayList in c# provide a method named Sort(). But we need to let ArrayList know the detailed sorting algorithm. There are two means to implement this: 1. Make the target class inheritted from IComparable interface, and provide CompareTo()…


the LabelEdit property in TreeView class

Today I want to add the RENAME feature to maintain the Test Case Tree in StepRecorder, which exactly like the operation in Windows Explorer. After user right click a node, the selected node turns to Edit Mode, and user could type the new name in the edit box. System will ask user to reinput the…


How to solve the issue of "The server instance specified was not found. Please specify the server’s address and port."?

Today, when I want to use “stsadm -o addwppack…” command to add a web part into the team website, an error message returned “The server instance specified was not found. Please specify the server’s address and port” Fortunatelly, I seeked for the help from Mohammed’s blog: Top 3 Reasons for the “The server instance specified was not…


A good article on how to create the Area Templates in SPS2003

Today, Jeffrey asked me to find how to create Area Template and it will be used in his new team site. Fortunately, I find an article with detail information. Working with Sharepoint Portal Server 2003 Area Templates  


How to display Visio file in SharePoint web part

I have an idea recently that I want our project web site could display Office Visio file and Office Project .mpp file. Visio attract me very much for its powerful diagram elements, it could centralize my thinking in a diagram and it is so easy understanding and abstractive in every phase of project life cycle….


Learning Notes – Extreme Programming (1)

XP is a new development model which I first heard at last year. Recently I had a book named “Extreme Programming Adventures in C#” and I am a bit interested in it and decide to write down what I learned and what I thought. Today, suddenly when I am smoking a question jump out of my brain:…


How to take advantage of office components in sharepoint portal server – spreadsheet

My boss confirmed it is acceptable that our website’s users need MS Office 2003 installed in their local machine to interact with the Office Components in the web page. I found the solution to avoid users modify spreadsheet data directly. First, let’s see where is the data source of the web part. After I drag…