Misadventures in Legacy Code

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Last week I gave a talk titled “Misadventures in Legacy Code” to the South Sound .Net User’s Group, which is the oldest .Net user’s group in the world, having been started during the days of the 1.0 beta.  I’ve given presentations to groups at work before but this was my first experience with just walking in cold and speaking to a group of strangers.  I had some concerns about how it might turn out but the SSDotNet group was a great audience and the feedback I got was very positive.

Some folks asked for a copy of the slide desk so I’m posting it here as an attachment.  I’ve edited it a bit to remove the code examples from some of my projects since they wouldn’t make any sense without a whole lot of context.  I talked the group through it at the presentation but anyone reading the deck doesn’t have that luxury.

It was a very enjoyable experience and I’m interested to do more of it in the future.

Edit: the direct link to the attachment is here.

Misadventures In Legacy Code - Edited.pptx

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