From the mail: BizTalk and SharePoint Server on the same machine

From the mail:

I am having problems with biztalk server 2004 sample ExposeWebService in the orchestration folder.Please tell what to do as there is great conflict when i run that on the machine which has biztalk 2004 and sharepoint portal server 2003.I am getting errors in calling webservices.

It's hard to tell without specific details and knowing what the exact errors are, but overall, BizTalk installation guide has very specific instructions how to install BizTalk and SharePoint Server on the same machine. These instructions are there for a reason, if you don't follow then, it will be very difficult to get BizTalk published webservices working.

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  1. Gautam says:


    I had also faced a problem in a similar setup (Sharepoint & BizTalk on same machine). I’m guessing that you are using O/S – Win 2003 and IIS 6.0 since you have SharePoint 2003 installed.

    Thing is BizTalk creates the webservices in the default location i.e. Default Website (localhost).

    If sharepoint is installed on that machine, the default website runs under the SharepointAppPool and by default any requests for web apps/services in the default website get routed via the Sharepoint Engine.

    A possible solution would be to remove the default website from being managed by Sharepoint using Sharepoint Server Administration.

  2. Hi!

    Seems like the SPPS just handles requests to this web service. It’s not necessary to remove the SPPS from the default site. Just exclude the web service URL from the managed paths by the SPPS using SPS Adminisration. It has to work.

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