SharePoint 2010 Claims-Based Auth with ADFS v2

I have a really cool 2010 lab environment at home and one of the things I wanted to do was to make sure I was able to demo SharePoint 2010 ‘s claims-based authentication capabilities, especially using ADFS v2. I was amazed at how straight forward the process was.  Just a few lines of PowerShell and…


SharePoint 2010 Provisioning A New Farm with PowerShell

<Update 2010.02.23  Re-ordered provisioning steps to fit with supported test cases> NEW!  Looking for a simplified process for working with SharePoint and PowerShell?  Check out:  SPModule. <Update 2009.11.20 Initialize-SPResourceSecurity and Install-SPApplicationContent> This post will take you down the process of configuring your SharePoint farm while introducing the new administrative functionality shipping in the PowerShell provider….