SharePoint on the iPhone

I’ve seen a couple notes regarding this on Twitter, so I thought I’d check it out for myself. A company by the name of Webstate set off to make the next best thing for the iPhone, an application that integrates with SharePoint. After doing some digging around, here are some takeaways: What to look for:…


SharePoint Dashboard

Want to stay up-to-date with all of the happenings around SharePoint?  The two best methods I have found are Twitter and For those who haven’t been bit by the social networking bug yet, you may be missing out.  I recommend creating an account on Twitter and checking out Joel’s post on 100 SharePoint People…


SharePoint Development Wiki

Some wonderful things are happening for SharePoint developers all across the world.  Thanks to Jeremy Thake at, the SharePoint development community now has a wiki to collaborate on.  You can find the wiki here: Here’s how you can help: Follow on Twitter: Become a fan on Facebook:!  – The wiki can…


OBA Want to Knowbie?

For those of you who are saying, “huh?” right now…let’s start with a brief introduction to OBA (Office Business Applications). Long Definition:  “Office Business Applications are an emerging class of application that helps businesses unlock the value of their line-of-business (LOB) systems and turn document-based processes into real applications. OBAs leverage the power of the…


Twin Cities SharePoint Camp – January 24, 2009

The Twin Cities SharePoint Camp has been announced for January 24, 2009.  Here are the details of the event: Course Overview Join New Horizons of Minnesota for the 2nd Bi-Annual Twin Cities SharePoint Camp Event. Spend a day with other SharePoint Administrators, Developers and End Users and learn from each other on a variety of…


Podcast: Using PowerShell to Support SharePoint

Podcast on basic techniques of using PowerShell to support your SharePoint environment: To download the video above, right-click and choose Save Target As: Using PowerShell to Support SharePoint


SharePoint Pod Show

I’m kicking myself for my recent hiatus from blogging…  I’ve been swamped with customer responsibilities, pre-sales work and discovering the wonderful world of social networking.  However, I have a lot of great material to share, starting with the SharePoint Pod Show (  This is a phenomenal resource for interviews with SharePoint MVPs, members of the…


Enterprise Features Exposed

I’ve been in some rather deep discussions on Enterprise features, so I thought I would share some findings on what they are, where they are, and what they do.First, there are three different Enterprise features that can be enabled within a farm.  They are:-Office SharePoint Server Enterprise Web application features-Office SharePoint Server Enterprise Site Collection…


Automating Site Collection Backups

Here is a useful batch file for automating site collection level backups.  It creates a unique timestamp string and uses it in the name of the backup.You can easily create a scheduled task to run this every week or every night.  You will still need to go in and clean up old backups.The STSADM -o…


Cannot remove file "". Error Code 158

While developing a custom feature receiver, I was attempting to delete a masterpage file from the MasterPage Gallery when I received an SPException with the message:  “Cannot remove file “<filename>”.  Error Code 158″  Since I found no help on the web, I thought I would share this simple solution.  I did the usual routine of…