Hotmail Plus Addresses

No…I’m not talking about the paid service for Hotmail Plus.  I’m talking about +addresses.  I just found this listed (amongst others) on the Hotmail Tips site. Hotmail Plus Addresses allows you to send an email to your  and the email will still be delivered to your email address.  Then in your email settings,…


Microsoft Innovation Newspaper

I finally got around to compiling all of my social media sources on Microsoft and innovation and published them in a digital newspaper supported by  Here’s a snapshot of the newspaper.  It publishes daily, so subscribe or check back often. Check it out now!  microsoft innovation


IE9 Add-On Warning

Sick of that IE 9 warning bar at the bottom about your add-on’s being too slow?  Frustrated that you you have specified “Ask me later” a million times, and it still prompts you each time you load IE? Next time you get this, click the button “Choose add-ons” instead.  At the bottom of the dialog…


Ways to Stay Creative

A great article came across my RSS feed today and I thought I would share an image out of it.  Much of my new role involves creativity and innovation.  Keeping things fresh and maintaining energy are critical success factors in my creativity.  I found these suggestions helpful.  Most are simple things but all can be…


SharePoint Saturday Twin Cities

Whooo, it’s been a long time since I posted.  Well, here’s to making up for lost time.  I will be presenting at SharePoint Saturday Twin Cities (again) a half-day session on Upgrading to SharePoint 2010 with Brian Caauwe.  We will cover topics ranging from prep-ing your existing environment to ideas around involving the business in…