Automated SharePoint 2010 Install with PowerShell

In one of my previous posts, I walked through how to provision a SharePoint farm using PowerShell. You can also install SharePoint from a CD using PowerShell as well.  I use this in my lab at home so I don’t have to attend the installs when I am rebuilding my virtual machines.

<Update: Product Keys>

SharePoint Server 2010 Beta (Enterprise Client Access License features) product keys:

Here’s the breakdown:

1.  Create an XML file that looks like this.  This will do a Full Farm Install (quietly).  For other config files, check out  e:\Files\SetupFarmSilent\config.xml  (e: is the drive with SharePoint on it)

    <Package Id="sts">
        <Setting Id="LAUNCHEDFROMSETUPSTS" Value="Yes"/>

    <Package Id="spswfe">
        <Setting Id="SETUPCALLED" Value="1"/>
        <Setting Id="OFFICESERVERPREMIUM" Value="1" />

    <Logging Type="verbose" Path="%temp%" Template="SharePoint Server Setup(*).log"/>
    <PIDKEY Value="PKXTJ-DCM9D-6MM3V-G86P8-MJ8CY" />
    <Setting Id="SERVERROLE" Value="APPLICATION"/>
    <Setting Id="USINGUIINSTALLMODE" Value="1"/>
    <Setting Id="SETUP_REBOOT" Value="Never" />
    <Setting Id="SETUPTYPE" Value="CLEAN_INSTALL"/>
        <INSTALLLOCATION Value="c:\Program Files\Microsoft SharePoint" />
        <Display Level="Basic" CompletionNotice="Yes" AcceptEULA="Yes" />

2.  Next create a PowerShell script, that looks like this  (save it to the same folder as the XML file above):

$config = "sharepointInstall_config.xml"
$bits = "e:\"
Write-Progress -Activity "Installing SharePoint Quietly" -Status "Copying config file locally"
Copy-Item $config -Destination $bits
Write-Progress -Activity "Installing SharePoint Quietly" -Status "Installing SharePoint"
cmd.exe /C "$bits\setup.exe /config $config"

3.  Now run your script from PowerShell, with the the working directory set to the location of your script files:

PS C:>  cd sharepointScript
PS C:\sharepointScript> .\Install-SharePoint.ps1

4.  Wait a few minutes and the install will complete quietly.

5.  Proceed to provisioning the farm with PowerShell, here

  Don’t forget to set your execution policy in PowerShell to allow the script to run.  Easiest (but least secure):  Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted

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  1. ukpoint says:

    Hi Eric – thanks for a great article.

    It might be worth mentioning that if you do not have the Sharepoint media on a DVD or an ISO image but have a self-extracting exe instead (which is what the default is for MSDN subscribers), the exe can be extracted using something like this:

    C:en_sharepoint_server_2010_beta_x64_x16-19249.exe /extract:c:ExtractedFiles

    This extraction will be required in order to use the steps you’ve outlined.

    Regards – Martin Kearn

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