Some ideas on how to “get traction” as a software tester (especially at Microsoft):  

VSTS Web Access Power Tool

Now with linkable web pages!

Security & Perf Videos

J.D. Meier has posted a decent index of videos covering performance testing, ASP.NET 2.0, and VSTS:  

Silverlight on Linux

Something I will definitely be keeping my eyes on.  Stuff like this tells me we’ve come a LONG way since the 1990’s …  “After a great deal of work between the Moonlight and .NET teams, we’re ready to formally announce that we (Microsoft and Novell) will be bringing Silverlight to Linux, fully supported and including application…

Dynamic [Language Runtime | Type System]

Port 25 is running video on what they’re calling “dynamic language runtime” with some innovative type system implementations at the core. “big trick is deferred compilation … looks a lot like linq expression trees … backend can decide on different optimizations … we can take the code and specialize it for the different types ……

driving data driven unit tests with text files

A few weeks ago I was looking for a simple way to do data driven unit tests on VS 2005 using a plain text file with one entry per line as the data source.  I waded through documentation and forum posts using every search trick I know to find a solution.   Nothing jumped out at…

EWeek: "Microsoft Plays to All Developers"

Here’s an article that catches a glimpse into what makes us tick over here:,1895,2106952,00.asp “We want to focus on how software development might change over the next 10 years,” Kass said. “And as corny as this sounds, I think [VSTS] is a way for us to change the world. I bought into it, and I…

Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset

In today’s diagnostics news…  Just got email announcing the Winternals RTM of version 5.0 of the Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset available to client SA customers via the “Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack”  —