how to try the xplat-cli before official installers release

I've shared these steps a few times in the past few days with other people, so wanted to note it down here in case I get asked again.

Here is a way to get an early peek at new features or fixes in xplat-cli that are already publicly available on Github but not yet merged into an official installer.   The ice might be thin, the build might not have through as much integration testing or bake time, and you have to be able to trust where you're installing things from.  But if there's value to you in getting an early peek at some of the new stuff, getting unblocked on an issue, or you just want a closer pulse on what's going on, this is an option.  It's almost as easy to install the unofficial builds as it is to install the official ones so it is just good to know this is an option:

  • Start from a clean state or get into a clean state by using these instructions from the README
    1. Uninstall the previously installed CLI 
    2. If you installed via MSI, then uninstall the Windows MSI. For mac installer sudo azure-uninstall -g 
    3. If you installed via npm then execute: npm uninstall -g azure-cli 
  • Clear the global cache: npm cache clear –g 
  • Delete the .streamline folder from the User’s home profile C:\Users\<username>\.streamline | ~/.streamline, if present. 
  • Install node and npm if necessary   
  • Install the fork (Azure/azure-xplat-cli) and branch (#dev) of the CLI that you want to install as follows:

    sudo npm install -g Azure/azure-xplat-cli#dev

To try some other developer's fork that hasn't been merged in, change Azure/azure-xplat-cli#dev to developer/azure-xplat-cli#branch where developer is the github username and branch is the branch on their fork of the repo that you want to install (master, dev, etc.).


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