how to connect raspberry pi to azure storage

This one is for everyone out there who owns one of the over 5 million Raspberry Pi computers that have been sold thus far.   This is a nice trick for setting up access to Azure file storage from within your Raspberry Pi.

I am using Ubuntu Mate on the RPi3 with the built-in wireless adapter, but these steps can work with other configurations as well.   Conceptually it is pretty simple.  Create the Azure storage account, get the access key, and then mount the new network file share on the Raspberry Pi using that access key.

Here are the instructions for how to do this on Linux:

You can simultaneously mount the same share on recent versions of Windows as well if that helps you move files around:

If you don't already have an Azure account but have a Raspberry Pi with a functioning network connection and want to give this technique a try, Azure has a free trial offer available right now which is more than enough to experiment.

If you already have an account or want to keep going after the free trial, the costs seem like they could be kept low.  I haven't gone through a full billing cycle myself yet, but in my case I am storing less than 1GB of data and not performing tons of operations on the data.  I think this usage will fall within 10 or 15 cents a month if I'm reading the pricing right:

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