VSTS Tip: Pro Visual Studio 2005 Team System Application Development

My pre-order copy of Steve Shrimpton's "Pro Visual Studio 2005 Team System Application Development" finally arrived today - it is massive and on page 722 the author confesses "I could have made this book much longer!"  It's at least an order of magnitude more detail than the manual that ships in the box, I am impressed with how much work I know must have gone into making this happen. 

Chapter 10 covers Web and Performance Testing and it's coverage of the profiler is as good or better than anywhere else I've seen so far, although with my bias I probably won't be totally satisfied until someone writes a whole book exclusively on performance tuning with the profiler.  I suppose you can technically search for all of this information online in the blogs and forums and documentation but if you want to save yourself the time, this is all packaged up in a walkthrough format, if you want a guided tour this is a good way to go.  If you want specific questions answered I'd give this book a 65% chance of answering them, and when it doesn't answer them it can at least give you the context to make a smart sounding question on the forums so you can get an answer. 

Not to get you all teary eyed but another inspiring thing for me was Steve's dedication on the front cover of the book .. I got the feeling the motivation for this book was helping people not raking in the royalties, and it sums up my own feelings about why I loved working on the product ... especially after the huge launch of Visual Studio 2005 where we were dispatched hither and yon to crowds of thousands of developers at events all over the world - "I dedicate this book to all people throughout the world, from many ethnic backgrounds, working together as a team to increase the achievement, knowledge, and wisdom of all humanity."  That's what it's all about!


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