VSTS Tip: Team System’s Got Database

The database team pulled it off!  I'm really hoping this is a pattern for future additions to Team System and we can keep building momentum around this idea of creating software development tools that bring all the stakeholders together in harmony even if they don't all eat C++ for breakfast.  My opinion is that getting the "flow" down and orchestrating harmony in the diversity of roles is what hard core software engineering is all about.   

"Microsoft's Visual Studio Courts Database Pros" http://news.com.com/Microsofts+Visual+Studio+courts+database+pros/2100-1012_3-6078425.html?tag=nefd.top

"Visual Studio Adds Database Support"

"New Microsoft Tools Aim to Unite Developers and DBAs"

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  1. Lots of people are blogging about Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals: Dave Bost, Eric…

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