VSTS Tip: The New Architect Is Not The Old Everything

Q: I have Visual Studio Team Edition for Software Architects installed, but don’t have any Performance tools menu on my tools menu – and therefore no access to the profiler. Any idea why not?

A: “The Performance Tools are part of the Visual Studio Team Edition for Software Developers (and hence part of Visual Studio Team Suite). They are not included in the Architect edition.” –Noah Coad, Program Manager, Visual Studio Team System

[hold on to your seat and click here to see big chart]

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  1. vanram says:

    There is a nasty assumption. That all possible users of these tools are in large development organizations where these tasks are clearly deligniated. Howabout for the other 90% of the developers who have either overlapping responsibilities in some way? How do I install on my system the developer and architect functions and my co-developer needs tester, developer and architect?

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