VSTS Tip: The New Architect Is Not The Old Everything

Q: I have Visual Studio Team Edition for Software Architects installed, but don't have any Performance tools menu on my tools menu - and therefore no access to the profiler. Any idea why not?

A: "The Performance Tools are part of the Visual Studio Team Edition for Software Developers (and hence part of Visual Studio Team Suite). They are not included in the Architect edition." -Noah Coad, Program Manager, Visual Studio Team System

[hold on to your seat and click here to see big chart]

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  1. vanram says:

    There is a nasty assumption. That all possible users of these tools are in large development organizations where these tasks are clearly deligniated. Howabout for the other 90% of the developers who have either overlapping responsibilities in some way? How do I install on my system the developer and architect functions and my co-developer needs tester, developer and architect?

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