VSTS Tip: Setting up Data Driven Tests

Here are two useful links for setting up data driven unit tests:

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  1. Terry says:

    Eric, is there anyway in VSTS to instaciate the test objects/data directly from xml using serialization.

    So rather then the follow DataSource example
    private TestContext m_testContext;
    public TestContext TestContext
    get { return m_testContext; }
    set { m_testContext = value; }
    [DataSource … ]
    public void TestMethod()

    I can have:
    public void TestMethod()
    TextContext tc = CreateFromXml();
    I’m sure I can do this explictly, but it would be great if rather then the ADO.NET only approach VSTS seems to support, you’d support the more general whidbey DataSourceObject.

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