VSTS Tip: Remove obnoxious MSDN keyword highlighting

Disclaimer: This is more of an ugly hack than a tip, and not even the type that would be cool enough to make it into Visual Studio Hacks, but here goes... When you search the MSDN local help it has a nasty behavior of making all your search terms indelibly highlighted with no obvious way to turn off the highlighting. 

I recently observed a great way to avoid the cognitive pain of barbed keyword highlighting pricking at your brain every other word:

  • Copy the local help URL to the clipboard
  • Paste it back into the URL field
  • Hit enter

This effectively reloads the search page and the keyword highlighting will not persist.  Voila.

Comments (3)

  1. bg says:

    on all the versions of msdn i’ve used there is a ‘highlight keywords’ (or something) in the search tab. won’t that do.

  2. mfte says:

    Uh…the checkbox isn’t THAT hard to find. Tools – Options – Highlight search terms (on the default tab)

  3. ejarvi says:

    Aha. Thank you for expanding my horizons. :)

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