VSTS Tip: watch for breaking namespace changes in the July CTP

Ch-ch-ch-changes...  I thought this was old news but the parallax effect of July CTP users trickling in makes me think this may be something you are wondering about.   This is just a note to the VSTS power users on CTP bits, if that's not you, you can disregard.

There was a big naming scrub that happened that you will start seeing reflected in the July CTP to get things up to date and drop the codenames like Currituck, Hatteras, etc.  This was a widespread change, touching on lots of different VSTS areas.  Let this be a lesson to anyone thinking about using codenames that you know are going to change in the future in your identifiers, but I digress.

Anyway, if you have XML that starts breaking or other identifier dependent code that was working for you on Beta 2 and no longer works for you on July CTP checking to see if you need to update identifier names would be a good place to start looking first.   Good luck!

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