VSTS Tip: threshold violations

Walking my daily gauntlet for you, I was stymied by some seemingly conflicting icons in the load test results viewer:

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I expected warning thresholds to be less severe than critical thresholds.  In other words, I expect the warning icons to all be lower on the graph than the critical icons.  However this did not appear to be the case when I first saw the screenshot.  Yet there is an explanation that can justify the seeming contradiction.  In the words of a dev on the load testing team:
"The failed request/sec threshold violation is defined as a perctage of the total req/sec.  So, it is possible to get the results seen in the screen shot.  Notice the green line (total req/sec) drops at 00:30 seconds into the run and generates a critical warning threshold violation because the number failed requests/sec is greater 10% of the total requests per second on that sampling interval."
Clear as water, or clear as mud?  :)
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  2. Ankush says:

    What are threshold violations in VS2005.

    Can U please tell me the basic criteria as to how should I perform load testing using VS.NET 2005 load test tool.i HAVE to test a URl using it.That URl just displays three Ads

    I want to check how to the server performs with more than 500 users/sec.

    Currently I am giving applying load in these steps.

    1.Creating a webprject

    2. Including that project into a Lod test project

    3. No os users/sec=500 and "Run Time" say 15 minutes

    Following is the result that I usually get.

    0 errors and 36 threshold violations.

    I am not able to identify what are these violatioon and what do they mean.Lets take for example "e value 0.7853321 exceeds the critical threshold value of 0.4789378".Can u tell me what does this violation means

    Also please tell me what can I do if I need to test such a URL mentioned above.

    Kindly email me at "ankush.jethi@gmail.com". I shall be extrememly thankful



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