VSTS Tip: Troubleshooting Guide

I'm going to keep adding to this entry with any ideas/suggestions I have for troubleshooting various error messages, etc.   It's barebones now but I hope to keep updating it.  If you need help troubleshooting some VSTS problem that is not documented here, let me know via the Contact Form with as much detail about the error message, the system state, etc. 

Team Project Creation (7/26/2005)
Error: Exception of type Microsoft.SharePoint.SoapServer.SoapServerException was thrown. Explanation: Cannot connect to the configuration database. 0x81070555

This one is currently 'no repro' for us on current builds but if you have any additional information on it let me know.  We left this machine overnight and SMS possibly did some sort of auto-update, patch delivery, or otherwise to MSDE overnight and corrupted or broke the WSS connection to the database.   There was a very vague popup message on screen and in windows event log that said a SQL script failed to execute. 

We were able to fix this by checking the database, making sure it was started, then reinstalling just WSS (fortunately did not require full reinstall of AT/DT)

Work Items And Sharepoint (7/27/2005)

Hey Eric, I was reading your blog on VSTS tips and was wondering if in team foundation you will be able to enter a work item in the sharepoint site?

Great question, I think the answer is "not yet" at least out of box for the first version. However there is an extensible object model for the work item tracking system so it should be theoretically possible to write a custom ASP.NET page for example that would allow you to do this if you were willing to code it up yourself. Getting some of the user permissions and everything done correctly for that might be a bit tricky. I think this would make a great side project or sample, I will recommend it to the team.

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