high performance testing

Better Software carrying a feature article on performance testing:



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  1. Adam Ulrich is busting testing myths here ⊕ and here ⊕.

    Eric Jarvi on:

    VSTS Tip: making sense…

  2. Marvin says:

    Thanks for the link.

    I just visited the site and couldn’t find the story. Answer was that of course this was posted way back in June so I revisited and found it in the archive. Obvious really…

    It was worth it – its a great article. Just like in the article I find that most people believe that you can’t do performance testing until right at the end of development. All they are really doing is increasing cost of remedial work and increasing the amount of time it will take to fix.

    I wonder hwo many people who aren’t interested in software performance testing read that article though.

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