VSTS Tip: how to register ASP.NET after the fact…

If you are getting error messages with ASP.NET and you installed IIS after installing VS (instead of the other way around) you need to register ASP.NET manually. 

Here's the easiest way I know how to do this if you install VS and IIS in that order:

  • Open the Visual Studio 2005 Command Prompt using the shortcut on the start menu.
  • At the prompt, type: aspnet_regiis -i -enable

9 times out of 10 this seems to help unblock anyone who is trying to learn ASP.NET 2.0 for the first time on a Whidbey install and didn't have IIS installed first.  I can't claim this solves every ASP.NET problem in the world, and there are probably environments when this is not the right advice, disclaimer, disclaimer, disclaimer...

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