how to copy and paste a team system work item list from Excel into email

In a way that makes me feel like I'm living out a modern day version of Escher's Drawing Hands, we are using the Team System work item tracking feature to build Team System.  One thing I'm working on is copying bug lists into email to send out status reports.  I hit some snags along the way (mostly the stuff in italics below) where I would select what I wanted in Excel but when I released after making the selection it would revert back and deselect everything such that I couldn't select bug #'s.  PM from VSNC shared with me the following magic trick for doing this in Beta 2:

  • In IDE, select the work items from the query you are interested in
  • Right click on the selection, choose export to Excel
  • In Excel, click on a cell outside of the list that you want to copy
  • Use the big "=" cursor to highlight the cells you want, include the yellow title row
  • Copy/Paste

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