The Language of Biology

Check this out, a language for modeling biological processes:

I'm a fan of biomimicry and I think this idea of using a computer language for modeling biology is pretty cool. In fact I sometimes wonder if future programming languages will be in the vernacular of the various sciences and patterned along the lines of being able to model certain types of emergent systems, rather than just having lots of languages with different keywords that essentially do the same thing under the hood.

As far as I know, COBOL (business) and FORTRAN (science) emerged that way when the procedural programming principles matured and were understood across the board. Maybe we'll see something like that again as object oriented principles reach a level of maturity and common understanding about what it takes to have a common type system and compile to a standard runtime. Just random thoughts, not making any predictions here.

Alas, if only a computer language was part of my biology curriculum in college maybe I could have taught those brainiac pre-med classmates of mine a thing or two... :)

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