Encrypting Data Disks on Linux with Azure Disk Encryption

There are two main ways to encrypt data disks using Azure Disk Encryption.  You can choose to thoroughly encrypt the existing disk block-by-block using EnableEncryption, or you can choose to rapidly format and encrypt the data disk using EncryptFormatAll. Both of these techniques have a common setup requirement that will signal to the ADE solution…


How to Check Your Azure Management Tools Version

Both Azure Powershell SDK and Azure CLI 2.0 are frequently updated to stay current.  Older versions have limited shelf life. If a certain Azure management scenario isn’t working as expected, it may be because of stale tools. Here are commands to check the version of the tools you may currently have installed: Azure Powershell: Get-Module…


Hidden Figures Challenge

If you were transported back in time to the 1960’s would you be able to do the math that NASA was doing by hand?  Check someone else’s work?  Write the FORTRAN code to do it? Earlier this week I had the chance to go with my family to see the movie Hidden Figures. There were so many…


how to try the xplat-cli before official installers release

I’ve shared these steps a few times in the past few days with other people, so wanted to note it down here in case I get asked again. Here is a way to get an early peek at new features or fixes in xplat-cli that are already publicly available on Github but not yet merged into an official installer.  …


how to connect raspberry pi to azure storage

This one is for everyone out there who owns one of the over 5 million Raspberry Pi computers that have been sold thus far.   This is a nice trick for setting up access to Azure file storage from within your Raspberry Pi. I am using Ubuntu Mate on the RPi3 with the built-in wireless adapter, but these steps can work with…


generating self-signed certificates with keyvault

Thankfully it is very easy to import pre-existing self-signed certificates into KeyVault.  But… what if you don’t have a pre-existing self-signed certificate? It is possible to have KeyVault generate the new self-signed certificate for you inside of your KeyVault.  One and done.  No import. No messy certificate residue left behind at your admin console. The trick to getting KeyVault…


Good Cloud

I’m really excited to hear about this massive donation of cloud and connectivity for nonprofits, universities, and communities: http://blogs.microsoft.com/blog/2016/01/19/how-were-putting-the-microsoft-cloud-to-work-for-the-public-good/ Even though I feel like lately I’m all cloud all the time, this one totally caught me by surprise, kind of like that double rainbow my son and I weren’t expecting to see last weekend.  I can think…


Math Night Fun

One of the local elementary schools invited me to volunteer at their “math night” later this month and I am dreaming up  some computer math demos that should be fun. I would really love to show them GNU Octave, Processing, Microsoft Mathematics, Mathematica on the Raspberry Pi, and any other software they can get for free…


Test Patterns

Encouraging to see more thought and effort being put into software test patterns.  Alan Page recently posted on this topic over at the MS Press Blog.


Iterative XML Tree Traversal

Here’s a C# code snippet for iterative tree traversal of elements in an XML document using XPathNavigator that takes advantage of parent pointers.  [ download source ] test.xml     1 <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″ standalone=”no” ?>     2 <test>     3  <a/>     4  <b/>     5  <c>     6   <c1/>     7   <c2>     8    <c2i/>     9    <c2ii/>    10   </c2>    11  </c>    12 </test> test.cs     1 using System;     2 using System.Xml.XPath;     3 …