Windows Phone 8 Learning Roadmap

I was asked by a lot of developers to compile a learning roadmap regarding Windows Phone 8 Development. I compiled lots of Windows Phone 8 Developer resources in 1 Slide that should help you get started with the platform (Learning, Porting, Designing, Building, Testing, Publishing, and Monetizing your app) So the Developer Roadmap is simply…


10 Online Sessions for Windows Phone 8 Development

I am planning to run 10 online sessions for Windows Phone 8 Development. If you are new to Windows Phone 8 development these series of sessions are a good start for you. Experienced? it’s no waste of time to attend some of the sessions or ask me the questions you want about the topic you…


Download SharePoint SDK for Windows Phone 8 + Free Developer Resources

If you are interested in developing Windows Phone 8 apps that would connect to SharePoint 2013. I’d like to announce that Microsoft released SharePoint 2013 SDK for Windows Phone 8. Install the tools: 1. Prerequisite: Make sure you have the Windows Phone 8 Developer tools installed on your PC. 2. Download and install Microsoft SharePoint…


Free download to Windows Phone 8 offline documentation

Let me share with you the latest tip I learned about Visual Studio 2012 when I was attending some training in Amsterdam last January. Now you can download all MSDN documentations OFFLINE on your machine so that you can browse/search them so easily without having to be online. It’s a very useful tool that offers…


Windows Phone 8 Developer Resources

Since the latest Windows Phone 8.0 SDK release , resources and documentation for Windows Phone 8 development have been increasing day after the other. I have worked on collecting these resources and putting them together and sharing them with you. I hope I didn’t miss a thing. Please feel free to comment or use the…


Windows Phone 8 Development Resources

For Windows Phone 8 Development, Microsoft has availed a lot of resources for developers to get started with development. So far, here’s what was made publicly available for developers to use starting from downloading free development tools, including a phone emulator to test your app till how to monetize your app and make money.  …


FREE Live Online Sessions – Windows Phone 8 Jump Start

Similar to Last Year for Windows Phone 7, Microsoft Learning is thrilled to announce a new Jump Start for developers focused on building apps for Windows Phone 8. This special live online course is scheduled for two full days of fast-paced, demo-rich sessions led by Microsoft Technical Evangelist, Andy Wigley, and Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Strategist,…


pay $8 instead of $99 for a new individual account on DevCenter

Hello folks, Valid till November 7th, 2012, don’t miss the chance, you can pay $8 instead of $99 if you register between 10/30/12 and 11/7/12 for an Individual account on your Windows Phone Dev Center. Click here to join. Click here for more details. You can find more posts here.   [Please read the DISCLAIMER…


Download Windows Phone 8.0 SDK

Hello Everyone, You can now download the new Windows Phone 8 SDK at [Please read the DISCLAIMER for this blog here.]