Now that IE9 is released, we thought it was about time to unleash the creativity of web developers around see how far we can push the limits of HTML5.  We are very excited to announce the launch of Dev Unplugged: a contest that challenges web developers to push the limits of a modern browser without the use of plug-ins.  We believe that HTML5 and related technologies, in conjunction with faster and faster browsers, finally give developers the tools they need to create experiences that are just as vivid, interactive and high-fidelity as what you have come to expect from native applications.  We hope that Dev Unplugged can be a forum where developers around the world showcase their talents and help point us all towards where the web in going.  The contest is now oppened for submissions and closes on March 28th!

Our Principles

1.       No Plugins: The submission must stick to HTML/CSS/JS on the client-side (no restrictions on the server-side)

2.       Same Markup: The submission has to work across IE9 RC, Chrome Beta and Firefox Beta.

3.       Making the Web Native: The submission must be amazing! We will be keeping an eye out for submissions that push the envelope and blur the line between a web app and a native app.

The Challenge

As we look around and see the amazing things that people are creating using these new technologies, we decided that two categories really stood out to us: Gaming and Music.  So, in the spirit of the earliest days of the PC and choose your adventure games, you get to pick your challenge!

Write the next addictive casual game!

Ready to unleash the next great tower defense game?  Has your passion for side-scrolling platform games subsided not one bit since the days of Ninja Gaiden?  We’re not looking for the most complicated game, or the flashiest game, but we are definitely looking games that are fun and addictive.  And if that wasn’t enough to get you excited, here’s a newsflash: Mike Mignola, the creator of Hellboy, has opened-up up his treasure trove of online content for developers to use to create their HTML5 game!  Smashing bad guys is way more fun when it’s with the Right Hand of Doom, right?

Create a new way to experience music!

Ok, so maybe you’re more of a music lover?  Always been hypnotized by the music visualizations on your desktop mp3 player of choice?  Now’s your chance to explore what is means to experience music on the web using all of the capabilities of a modern browser.  And we’ve teamed-up with AWOLNATION to provide you with one of their most popular cuts to get started!

The Judges

To help us judge your submissions we have assembled an amazing panel of judges that feature experts in HTML5, Design/UX and the gaming and music industries, including the likes of: Dion Almaer, Remy Sharp, Grant Skinner, Rob Ford and Elijah Manor.  The panel will be asked to judge the top-40 finalists according to creativity, quality of implementation and fit with the contest theme.

The Prizes

Finally, what’s a contest without some knock-me-over amazing prizes?  After racking our brains and trying to put ourselves in the shoes of gaming-playing, music-loving web developers around the world, we landed on an impressive set of 9 featured prizes and 9 honorable mentions.  The top prizes are:

·         Grand Prize: $9000 USD and a fully-loaded VIP package to MIX 2011 in Las Vegas

·         Game Winner & Music Winners: $5000 USD

Developers, Start Your Engines!

Below are the dates that you should keep an eye on.  We will have a private submission process for 4 weeks, at which point we will open up the submissions to the public so that they can check-out the submissions and vote on their favorites!  Once submissions close, we will select the 40 finalists who the judging panel will review in order to find out who our big winners are!

·         2/14 – Contest Opens (submit early, don’t miss a chance to get voted-up!)

·         3/14 – Submission gallery opens to the public and voting begins!

·         3/28 – Submission deadline

·         3/29 – Top-40 Finalists are announced

·         4/4 – Winners are announced!

Learn more about Dev Unplugged at: http://www.beautyoftheweb.com/dev/unplugged!

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