Enterprise social networks …

Enterprise social networks are the same as consumer social networks, it is about connecting people. Connecting people is the business value, you higher employees to work together to accomplish a series of goals. Social networking empowers better than any team, department or company meeting you can have in person or remotely. Business leaders make enterprise…


Windows 8 – UI Preview

A small taste of things to come in Windows 8. Yes, this is the official video from Microsoft   [View:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p92QfWOw88I]


Netflix experience

I finally tried a subscription to Netflix for the instant watch on Windows Phone 7 and streaming. I must say the implementation, quality and experience surpassed my expectations.  The Silverlight player is superb again in quality and in playback features.  Now time to implement on my XBox and my Samsung DVD player.  Great job Netflix…


Why Bing is a better search experience

Just a few features showing off why Bing is a better search experience.  Check out the enchanced movie listing feature video below on the top. Then take a look at the Bing map features demo on the bottom. Bing is a great search engine! Bing Enhanced Movie Listings Bing Map App Demos


Bing and IE9 Enhanced Search Experience

Now that IE9 has been released to the world here. Take a look at the video below see the enhanced search experience with IE9, great job and congratulations to the IE team!  


Guinness World Record for XBox Kinect!

Microsoft makes Guinness World Record by selling 10 million Kinect units and an additional 10 million stand alone games (this does not count the one that comes with the Kinect). Kinect is the fastest selling consumer electronic device in the world! Read more here http://bit.ly/euncrQ


Microsoft Research and Windows Phone 7

Here are some neat projects going on in Microsoft research with pictures and Windows Phone 7 by Neil Joshi on Channel9   You view the original video on channel9 here


New Windows Phone 7 Ad

What are you waiting for? You must try the new Windows Phone 7 it is a great phone! I love the Zune integration. Here is a new ad showing how incredible this phone really is, check it out. 


Bing Toolbar!

Bing Toolbar has the right idea! Bringing content to me based on what I am doing at the time. I am of the mindset that the computer should help me find information instead of making me dig for it. A friend of mine and fellow Microsoft Architect (Todd Van Nurden) has been brain storming a…