ADOBE – Illustrator, Fireworks and Photoshop

Can someone give me a brief explanation of the differences between these 3 programs and when I would want to use one over the other (maybe of an example of when I would use Fireworks versus Illustrator or Photoshop).  I see the master collection contains all 3 image editing applications. 

Fireworks was once a part of Macromedia correct?  Will these programs ever merge?



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  1. I’m no designer or expert on this, but Adobe has Illustrator for mainly vector art design, Photoshop for mainly bitmap/photo-imaging.

    Photoshop used to have something called ImageReady that was similar to Fireworks but eventually got functionality moved into the core Photoshop product.

    Fireworks used to be a Macromedia product and so has been rebranded and whether it will continue or be merged down the line who knows. Fireworks nicely enables a cross between vector and bitmap editing – I use it alot of mocking up UIs and web UI development.

    Hope that helps

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