IE7 – Public Beta

So we are releasing a public beta of IE7.  I have been using IE7 for a few days via an internal build and so far, I think, we have done a pretty good job from an end user point of view. 

The RSS feature is pretty good, it gives me a usable RSS reader, I am not a big fan of the RSS reader in Outlook 12, it just feel weird.  In addition I am finally starting to like tabs, I did not like tabs when I tried Firefox and the initial implementation in the MSN toolbar.  I am interested in some of the thoughts of the community on IE7, considering IT departments and end users do not have to install add-on toolbars to get things like phishing protection which is a big one for my less technical friends and family (and even some of the technical ones for that matter.  I also really like the new implementation of the History, Quick tabs, and favorites navigation bar.  These features are improved and much more usable, than the past implementation.  All in all the new face lift is refreshing, after running IE6 for so long.

I have not yet tried to really push it with any developement yet, that will come soon when I update a few of my personal web sites.

Comments (2)

  1. Techjunkie2 says:

    I’m liking it as well, still crashes a bit too often and breaks some functionality so I had to go back to IE6 on my main box but overall a nice release.

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