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Need to IM someone but you can not install the MSN client (maybe you are on a public computer or a friend's computer).  Try Web Messenger

Happy messenging...


Ed Ferron

Grace, Mercy and Peace

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  1. jozjan says:

    Your web browser is not supported by this version of MSN Web Messenger.

    My browser: Firefox on Linux.

    But there is a better way to talk via web:

    This is an AJAX based webchat application which has support for msn, icq, …

  2. Would be really nice from work too, where the IM ports are blocked. I had the following initially :

    To use Web Messenger, your web browser must allow pop-up windows. For information about allowing pop-up windows, see the instructions for your pop-up blocking software.

    No good. I first clicked "allow popups from No good. I unchecked "block popups" from internet options. Still no good. Disabled popups in google toolbar – finally!

    Nice interface, I miss the groupings but no big deal. Everything over port 80, here here! 🙂


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